Etoile Noire are Two

Bilingual Canadians, the Etoile Noire duo writes and performs in both English and French which highlights their heritage. Influenced by groups such as: Gordon Lightfoot, Steve Earle and The Strokes, their compositions reflect the root-based styles and techniques that produces the organic feel they strive to achieve.

Debut album is released in 2017 and promoted in 11 cities across the east-coast of Canada.

Etoile Noire's debut opens for Juno-winning Julian Taylor Band, and later for Jeff Martin of the Tea Party.  Apt 613 interviews them.

Marfest CityFolk (formerly the Ottawa Folk Festival) invites them to perform twice
Apt613 writes about it.

In 2018, they continue to promote and write. A return to the east-coast, festivals across Canada, with a scope on touring Europe.

Support Material

Recent video release "Shadow of the City"

Single "Gone" video release ( winning "Judge痴 Pick Country Challenge")

See them in action at CHOIX FM in Moncton, NB, and PHANTOM FM in Bathurst, NB.

Album Review in Ottawa Life

Recent french interview on CHOIX FM in Moncton

Pre-album release interview on CHUO with English Phil

Early interview on CHUO Live Sessions with English Phil Sept 12, 20017

A taste of art and style

Music lovers can ravish in a true and honest work of art.

A tasty mix of southern groove, chicken pickin' licks, alt folk story telling, and organic beats. Uniquely written in both official Canadian languages, melodies are full of tension and passionate notes. The sounds create natural desires to stomp your feet and clap your hands and dynamics that send your spirit soaring high. The lyrics are poetic and dreamy, inspired from true love and heart breaks, sparkled in night life and consequences, and flamed in life and grim endings.

While industry specialists will notice Etoile Noire is part of the pulse, and fits current musical trends, worldwide audiences will have an experience designed to reach the purest and deepest musical core of their being.






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